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Coming Soon: Micro Blue Bearings

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How does MicroBlue work?

The majority of friction and heat in drivetrain comes from the effort needed to push the oil out of the way of the balls, rollers and gear teeth. As the load force increases, the amount of this resistance goes up considerably. MicroBlue® reduces this effort because it changes the way lubricants work, by reducing the surface tension (improving the wetting properties) of the oil. Just like soft water. You know how slippery you feel in the shower with soft water? Soft water changes the way soap wets your skin, making you feel slippery. Think of it as something that reduces the thickness of the oil at the point of load. The thinner it is, the less force needed to get it out of the way. In the case of crank and cam bearings, as well as the journal bearings in a turbo. It greatly reduces the amount of energy required to start and maintain rotation. This literally happens because of physics and chemistry. The sulphur atoms in the coating are the key. They're the guys that make it all happen. Because of this, it has to work, because of physics and chemistry.

How long will it last and will it come off?

Worthwhile question. The answer is rooted in the way MicroBlue bonds to the surface. Common coatings (like Moly), bond to the surface via "adhesion" (like paint). MicroBlue is an "atomic" bond. It's complicated, not the point here, but an atomic bond simply cannot chip, flake or peel. Can't happen. It can be "abraded" away which requires either metal to metal contact or the presence of anything abrasive. Of course, if you have either of these problems, you've got far more serious problems going on.

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