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Love comes with various unexplainable reasons. You may love someone just because of their beautiful smile, or even because they are sometimes stupid but lovely. Have ever you asked, what are the reasons to love a gamer, not an ordinary one?

If all brain’s replies are still vague, let’s check out some exciting reasons below:

1. Quite smart

We will not mention to the players who play simple and easy games, but for those who are pro in Death Squad: The Last Mission, Sniper Assassin Zombie Shooter,Krunker.Io, they must be a very smart and have the fast reaction. They also are sensitive enough to understand all their teammates' intention while cooperating in games. Therefore, it is clear that good gamers are usually boys with relatively high IQ.

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2. Live emotionally, faithfully

Gamers are exposed continuously to vivid graphic images related to sexy girls, so they often don't get too attracted to real-life girls. Instead, they will be easily touched and hypnotized by the soul beauty of the girls. This is important to show respect for the true beauty of women

Also due to spending a lot of time playing games, men often choose celibacy for a long time. It is difficult to find a girlfriend who understands their interests. So when they found the girl for them, the male gamers loved and respected their girlfriends as the queens.

There have been many cases of gamers who love games but gradually play less than just spend time with girls, no longer want to play games anymore.

3. Won’t gather and drink alcohol

Besides, since the men are gamers, they spend most of their time playing games.

In fact, many guys are parted because their girlfriends begin to discover bad habits like alcohol, tobacco, promiscuity from the daily routine of these guys. It is very rare to see a guy who likes to play games often go to the party, drink alcohol. These guys tend to immerse themselves into adventure games, fight games, sports games free online to play and will not be infected with bad habits.

4. Always stay calm and patient

For those who often play online multiplayer games, they are very approachable and restrained to be able to withstand. Indeed, playing online games helps us to train patience as well as train our ability to control when we are always faced with really bad factors.

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