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Great cabover!! I've owned it since 2009 and I fix stuff before it breaks. This is a 3,000-4,000 mile/week truck for a solo. Can ONLY be driven 1,000 miles per year in California using the low-use exemption under the new CARB diesel truck rules. Recently repaired or replaced items: new airbags on rear axles, new oil pan gasket, 2yr.old new clutch, 1yr.old A/C condenser/fans/compressor/evaporator (blows cold), rebuilt driveline, front springs (5yrs.old), newer 165amp alternator (1yr.old), radiator and crankshaft balancer (4yrs.old), water pump (2yrs.old), all tires Yokohama RY-617 11Rx22.5 @ 90%, newer shocks (1yr.old), newer engine sensor wiring harness (2yrs.old), ECM replaced in 2010, air compressor (2009), new dash brake valve (1yr.old), brake shoes @ 50%, new dipstick and tube, turbocharger (3yrs.old), starter (3yrs.old), Turbo 3000 installed, 8 newer Group 31 hybrid starting/deep cycle batteries, 2000 watt inverter, portable room A/C (for no-idle cab A/C), wiper, jake brake and headlight switch replaced, wiper motor (3yrs.old), ABS brain replaced (3yrs.ago), Jake brakes replaced in 2011, Reliabilt Head installed 2010, Reliabilt cam and several lifters done in 2012, front wheel bearings and ABS sensors replaced (last year) and new bunk mattress (2014). This 11.1Liter Detroit Series 60 engine burns one gallon of oil every 15,000, averages over 7MPG and I have all of the oil sampling results. As you can see, I take REALLY good care of this truck; mechanically.



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