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What is the difference between the "KR" Scan Gauge and the Scan Gauge

I just saw where someone is selling their Scan Gauge D on ebay, but it is not a KR Scan Gauge. Does anyone know the difference between KR's Scan Gauge and Scan Gauge D and Scan Gauge E or Scan Gauge II?

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I am the one selling the scan gauge d. The differences are the way it shows your instant MPG's. The d version is second by second calculation of mpg and the KR version is a 8 second rolling calculation. The d version can be sent to the factory and reprogrammed to a KR version for a small fee. There is a whole thread on here talking about all this, search the forums and you should find it.

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Scan Gauge: D vs. KR this should answer your question.


Jeffery Szarzley is the Scangauge guru.


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Scan Gauge D and KR difference:

-The ScanGauge KR has a 8 second "smoothed over" instant MPG reading, rather than instant readings that jump all over the place too fast.

-The ScanGauge KR will display profit per mile, after fuel cost, instantly while going down the road. This is achieved by entering your price of fuel at each fill-up and either your load rate or fuel surcharge rate.  Watching actual dollar sign money changing constantly is a huge incentive to save fuel and help drivers find the correct "sweet spot" for the current driving conditions. It is difficult watching your profit go down to $.10 cents per mile while trying to get up a hill as fast as you can. It's a unique, industry changing function with an end result of more profit for the driver.

-The ScanGauge KR also allows you to watch your profit per individual trips (the call them Trip A and Trip B). The trip parameters are set by the driver so you can compare different loads, roads, etc.

-The ScanGauge KR was designed exclusively for Class 8 over the road, regional or local trucking operations. Kevin Rutherford programmed the speed and functions of the ScanGauge KR to meet the industries unique engine demands. The KR model can be updated (as new releases come out)  through Linear Logic and will constantly adapt to our changing industry. We have full support over the phone, online, videos, write up's and instant updates on Kevin Rutherford's radio show. There is a large group of users who constantly share information on how to utilize the ScanGaugeKr to its fullest extent. 

-I highly encourage callers to watch the videos to get a rough idea of what the unit looks like and how it works. 

The top three videos on the youtube page give a good explanation of some of the ScanGauges functions:

-We also have a Facebook page which is constantly updated with information on the unit, operation, videos, installation pictures and new functions:

-The ScanGauge KR is easy to use and fun. Anybody with a ScanGauge D can ship it to Linear Logic and have it updated with the KR software for a small fee also.

I hope this helps you and please let me know if you have any other questions!

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