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What mobile bugs are you experiencing?

I think we have nailed down all of the bugs for the mobile but I wanted to be sure I have them all before launching the update.

Because people are posting everywhere please consolidate. If you do not see the bug you are experiencing then add a new answer. If you do then please vote that up and comment on it with any additional details.

Please be specific in your posts and list the following.



PAGE ON MYGAUGES: FuelGauges Truck Activity

BUG DESCRIPTION: Can not view details or get to the "edit or "Delete" buttons.

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Android (samsung epic 4g)

not sure..default android browser

fuel gauges

when i zoom in i can't to the 'buttons' to add a fuel up, when i manage to iht the lil' gas pump icon, i can' t 'higlight' the imput field to put in any numbers

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The buttons on the full site were never meant for smaller screens. You would use our mobile site.

Be sure to login with your username and password


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HP Touchpad

Web OS

Browser unknown (they need an about section)

mobile mygauges: wont log in but if I close the browser and reopen it I'm logged in.

Answers works fine

Regular my gauges site: nothing loads. Overview all says N/A, truck activity wont load at all, Specifications load but nothing in the fields, same with modifications, and connections wont load at all.

Android phone HTC EVO

Android 2.3 gingerbread

Don't know the browser they use

Mobile my gauges works fine on this device

Answers works fine on this device

Regular my gauges doesn't work. Overview shows nothing, not even my trucks picture. When I click on the other links (truck activity ect) nothing happens, wont load or even attempt to load. I also get a certificate warning on the phone when I attempt to log into the regular version, which I accepted but still doesn't load anything.

Non Mobile

HP Laptop

Browsers, firefox 10.0.2, Google Chrome 17.0.963.56 m

Overview info not right. For instance last 30 days average says 6.36 yet best mpg's show 8.34 and lowest 7.18.

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Thanks Jackie for the in-depth review. We are reviewing the bugs that we've fixed against your list. I think we've solved most of them already.


Sounds great Aaron!


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I have a Sprint Android phone HTC EVO I can add fuel but I can`t see or do anything else


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Aaron, try using the Opera browser. I've heard that works nicely.


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Here are a few of the devices I own and a few issues I encountered with each device accessing MyGauges Mobile (and one device with absolutely no issues running it):

Device: Verizon LG Extravert Feature Phone with Opera Mini

Page: Input fuel up.

Issue: No ability to input the State, Station, notes and average temperature when I fuel up. The mobile site only accepts mileage, gallons and price. Also it's difficult to find the edit and delete buttons on "Truck Activity" (I think this is due to the phone's screen and software).

Devices: Verizon LG Vortex and Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate (both Androids)

Browser: Google Chrome for Android, Opera Mini

Pages: Fuel Up, Truck Activity

Same issues as Extravert, using Google Chrome or Opera Mini.

Device: Apple iPod Touch with iOS 5.2

Browser: Safari

Pages: Fuel Up, Truck Activity

Same issues as the LG Extravert.

Device: Blackberry Storm 9530

Browser: Blackberry Browser

Page: Home Page

Issue: Mobile MyGauges doesn't work on this phone at all. Won't log in, phone runs out of memory (I think this is due more to a buggy phone than a bad site). I am seeing requests from other users of this site asking for a Blackberry App due to this issue.

Device: LG 900G for Tracfone/Straight Talk/Net10

Browser: Opera Mini

Page: Home Page

Issue: Won't pull up the site at all due to a lack of RAM on the handset. Again, it's a phone issue, not an issue with the site.

Device: Huawei Comet (Android) for T-Mobile

Issue: Not enough RAM on this handset to run either version of MyGauges without crashing the phone (due to the phone software/hardware itself).

Device: Lenovo ThinkPad SL410 14" Semi-rugged Laptop Computer with Windows 7 Professional

Browser: Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft IE 9

Pages: All, on both versions of MyGauges

Issues: Absolutely none.

Hope this helps, and that you can recommend handsets that will work great with MyGauges Mobile (

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Zachary, thank you for the comprehensive list of issues on all of these different devices. I've sent this on to our programmers to see if we can ensure that these are not present in the new mobile apps we are creating for all of Let's Truck / MyGauges :: Thanks again


On the LG Optimus Elite with Android Gingerbread, Mobile MyGauges is fully functional (and fast). I think the phone specs have something to do with some of the issues I was having with many other devices. Hope this helps!


Aaron, thanks for fixing many of the features on the mobile site. It seems now that the site works much better than it used to, and works especially well on both the Apple iDevices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) and most Android-powered devices.

As for some of the other devices I mentioned, I found several mobile sites-not just yours- had issues on certain older BlackBerry devices and most proprietary platforms with less than 128 MB RAM Memory. Those phones- especially the cheap TracFones and the now-dismally-supported BlackBerry- need to be taken off store shelves, it has nothing to do with your site.


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I phone 4

Can not log in to m.mygauges

Goes to the page that says it is in maintenance

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First try typing in rather than just refreshing the page. We redirected you to a maintenance page and if you refresh that it will not load the site. If that doesn't work please try clearing your cache on your phone. You can do this by going to your settings and then finding Safari. In there you'll be able to remove you browser history.


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