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Freightliner Columbia Projector headlights

I have a Freightliner Columbia that needs new headlights.

Cleaning and polishing helps some for a while but they just cloud up again.

Has anyone used the aftermarket projector headlights and what did you think of them or should I go with the newer clear lens OEM style.

I have the older style with the fluted lens and the third bulb (that never worked)

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I have phillips ctystal now and it did help some. Still have the high beam but the low beam didnt last that long (???) even though I dont use them that much.

Thanks for the input.


it's an 2001


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whichever light you choose they will eventually haze over. that said the oem reflector headlights (clear lense) have a very good beam pattern and output, when paired with quality bulbs and aimed correctly. the projector lights look good but the glare shield inside the projector isn't well designed and the clear lense (as opposed to fresnel lense) doesn't illuminate the surrounding area (overhead signs etc). it does work pretty well with hid bulbs but the kits are all cheapos made in china and don't last as long as oem.

if i were you i'd go with oem reflector light with the phillips crystal vision ultra or x-treme power bulbs for bright, lasting lights.

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I would go with the clear lens OEM-style reflector light. Given your truck is at least a few years old by now (you said it was a Columbia), and with most of the parts for it made in either Mexico or China anyway, a new set of lenses sometimes is the best option if the lenses are fogged over. I suggest getting the lenses at a Freightliner dealer, since they often have great deals on the parts, and the service is superior to most of the chrome shops and suppliers who have the same part.

There is also a repair kit for lens hazing, but it requires a cordless drill, lots of elbow grease, and is almost as expensive as replacing the lens itself. It's made by 3M and is called the 3M Headlamp Restoration Kit. In my experience, the kit requires more work than it's worth.

For the bulbs, I would spec one like the Philips CrystalVision Ultra or the Sylvania SilverStar Ultra. Replace all the bulbs at the time you replace the lenses, and thoroughly inspect the wiring to make sure everything works and is up to code.

One more thing: Make sure, once your lenses are in and your bulbs are working, that you properly aim your headlights. You can refer to the Freightliner Driver's Manual and Service Manual for more information on how to perform this procedure.

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If I understand you, think your problem is you have moisture entering the headlamp assembly. Check your gaskets for leakage.Moisture is bad for a hot bulb and lenses.

Check for any upgrades you wish, they are one of the best & OEMs use them.

The above advice is also recommended.

Also use dielectric grease on the bulb threads,& harness plugs, it will keep moisture out.

Hope this helps.

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i run a pair of fx-r hid projector headlights from you can use oem ballasts and bulbs. i recomend buying new housings and putting lamin-x over em. go to and there are lots of guys that will help you. most of its light automotive but the concept is the same.

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Retrofit is cats azz...Alot of guys on ram forum luv their work..some morijto(if i have it spelled correctly)projectors and 55 watt/6000k bulbs would do you all the world of good..

My 2011 volvo has cheap projectors for low beams and they suck but i have 55 watt hids in my hi beam only reflectors and lovem...

You have it made with a single bulb set up cause your ballest will always be hot so you will have instant bright....If you go hid with reflectors you will !@#$ off alot of people cause you will have bright lights all the time but all the light will be scattered everywhere rather than on the road where its needed..

Hids with reflectors !@#$ off on comming traffic cause they have a hard time seeing,im sure you have notice this on the older lil ricer cars that do that...

Good luck and keep us posted..

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