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switching from duels to singles

will i gain fuel economy by switching from duels to singles

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It's going to depend on what the rolling resistance is of the tires you have now. When I switched to super singles I was running all position tires so the rolling resistance was already low so I never did show any improvement with the super singles but I did drop 430lbs in weight over the duals. If I had it to do over and I know what I know now I would have keep the duals I prefer them over the super singles

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There are some really good low rolling resistance drive tires available now. Running all position tires can work extremely well too. Unless you need the weight savings, or you can get such a great deal on the wheels that you can make the swap for the same cost as buying 8 new duels. That is, if you were buying a new truck, you could make that a part of the deal, or maybe you can find a great deal on some tires and wheels. Otherwise, I'd stick with duals.

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I switched in Jan 2103

MPG Jan to Jul 2012 7.11

MPG Jan to Jul 2013 7.48

I switched as I was needing new drives and wanted to loose the 24.5's

If I had 22.5's I may not have done so and went with some all position tires like the Yok RY 617's

I have been pleased with them on the steers.

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I had bandag caps on XT-1 casing that were replaced.


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