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Tri Pac ENG Code/Shutdown

When my tripac goes to 'restart' during the course of the night, more times than not, the buzzer will go off, it will attempt to restart then I hear the reset swtich pop. If i just turn the unit off from the control pad and turn it back on it doesn't do this...just when it's doing its own thing....

I just replaced all 4 batteries yesterday and it did it again after that. My only other thought on an "easy'' fix is last time i had it serviced I used the TK filter kit and had TA do it...they had a 50/50 shot of getting that plastic fuel filter in right..

Anyone else experience this?

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Hopefully when I can get it into a will act up..usually don't tho...hopefully the pararmeters i've got it zeroed in on where it trips will be enough for a diagnositic from them.... electrical issues suck...


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Those little plastic filters are such a pain in the !@# that we don't do anything with them till it acts up. My TK dealer told me to do that. It sounds like a electrical issue to me.

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maybe some info for you in these threads:

apu shuts down after 4 min run time

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