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35% of fuel economy can be attributed to your driving habits. Use ScanGaugeKR to maximize your driving efficiency.

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Want to know how ScanGauge KR can display your profit per mile?

This is the best way to compare your instant profit to your similar operation as a company driver.

A lot of drivers ask me what number to put into ScanGauge KR when it asks for "fuel rate". The instructions mention inputing your fuel surcharge per mile or your total rate per mile on the load your currently pulling. These both work fine.

I found, I like to watch my true, net profit per mile, (before tax), so I can compare my operation to what I would make as a company driver.

Here is how to do it. You need to be using profit gauges or have some sort of profit and loss statement for this number to work.

Block Image

On your P&L (I like to use a quarterly P&L), look at the big #1. That is your net profit per mile. Then look at the big #2. That is your total fuel cost per mile. Add these two numbers together which, in this example, would equal $1.19.

Block Image

When entering a new fuel up on the ScanGauge KR, enter the above calculated number as your fuel rate.

Now on the main gauge screen, your instant $pm reading will be your exact net profit per mile to the truck. For most owner operators, it will bounce around between 30 and 80 cents per mile. It's a great number to watch.

If it doesn't make sense, please ask me and I will try to clarify.

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2 Answers

Thanks for taking the time to post this, very good info.

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I like this. I just installed mine. What is the $PA? and $PB? Those two aren't in the manual.

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$PA and $PB stands for "profit per trip A" and "Profit per trip B". If you hit the trips button, scroll over to trip A, then hit the "reset" button, all of your engine info for that "trip A" will be reset. Then, back at the main gauge screen, as you watch $PA as you go down the road, it will start at zero $ and work its way up to the actual dollar amount of net profit you are making on that "trip A". I love this function and use it to know exactly how much profit I am making on that trip and not just watching the profit being made per mile. The exact same function applies for trip B.

Note: Currently the $PA or $PB will cap out at $524.00 just due to the memory limits in the ScanGauge KR. This may be updated in the future.

I hope this was clear enough Edward. I will eventually post some pictures to help make this easier.

Let me know if this helped you.


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