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Generator/window heatpump combo question

Is there anyone on the forum running a generator (Honda, Yamaha, other) with a window unit AC or heatpump? How's the set-up working particularly the lifespan of the AC unit?

I'm looking at this idea as a lower cost alt to an APU but I'm concerned about the effect of the constant vibration on the AC unit.

Any input? Thoughts??



Answer this question I have this problem too

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3 Answers

i'm using a free standing ac unit with an exhaust pipe to the window. works well and without problems. the biggest draw back is the smal fuel tank on the generator but i guess it provides some excersize.

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I had one of those free standing ones Lowes sells. that darn thing put out more heat from the discharge hose and housing than it put out cold....bad deal I guess. you also need a drain hose too. I also had a small cab then too.

Then I bought an APU, thought it was good to go, the install was bad, the price was high, and the customer service was horrible.

Reference in this forum HP 2000 APU.

I rebuilt the unit myself. it is a good unit, just the wrong people sells it. Light, and is not generator based, it only has an alternator and a auto A/C compressor and has a heat pump switch for heating. It does pretty good after working out all the bugs....none of these things are perfect and are priced high.

I did have a generator and a window unit, I would rather rent a room instead. I do see guys with the unit cut out a hole in the sleeper....I don't know

I have seen a compact unit that bolts to the back of the cab with a generator, then you have to have gas...I got up at night and had to fill it with gas....crap

If I do another one, it will be the all electric/battery based, and then maybe a small generator for emergency backup.

Idle Smart has a module that hooks into the ECM and starts your truck to keep the batteries charged... 913-744-4354 or is pricy too, but next to the HP 2000 or any other APU diesel engine based, it is around half the price.

good luck

Happy Trails, cool nights

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I'm running a Honda EU3000 generator and a 1100btu freestanding A/C unit. I ran the hot air discharge hose to the vent wing in the sleeper door. I also had to cut a 4" hole in the corner of the sleeper floor to draw in air to cool the condenser using a tolit flange and a 4" PVC 90 degree elbow .I constructed a box around the condenser cooler vent on the rear of the unit. You need to do this or it will suck the oxygen out of your truck or you have to crack the window to allow outside air in. The set up works well but I would buy a 1300btu unit if I had to do it over again. My generator has a 3.5 gal tank and will run two 8 hr days on a full tank. There will be people that will tell you that you can't run this type set up but I took my truck by the Alabama Highway Troopers Motor Carrier Office and let them look at it and got a thumbs up on it.


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