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AC Condenser Fan stays on

My condenser fan stays on when my ac is on. It will stay on for the whole time and will not shut off. I have notice, though that when the outside temp goes below 75 degrees then it seems to work normal and the fan will shut off, but as soon as the temp outside goes above 75 the fan will not turn off.

Another thing is that when this happens even after I shut the AC off the fan will stay on for about 15 to 20 minutes before shutting off.


so where can I find the low and high pressure switches.

I have a volvo 670, also I'm buying the gauges to get the pressure in the system.

What would be the right pressure for this truck?

and what is the right procedure to measure pressure?

Answer this question I have this problem too

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3 Answers

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Your ac might be low or refrigerant and the engine fan keeps running to keep it cool at higher temps. Have a shop evacuate the system and recharge it to the proper level. The machine they use should also be able to detect if you have any leaks.

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It sounds like the AC has to much freon in it cause its causing high head pressure in the AC system which in turn will turn on the fan to try to keep the head pressure down and for the fan to keep running after you turn AC off its the same reason its bringing down the high temp caused by high head pressure. It could be something as easy as a high temp switch which will cause this problem.

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low pressure switch works to engage clutch to start compressing r134, forcing it thru condenser, then lines, drier, and evaporator, then back to compressor (drier might be after evaporator). the higher the pressure (the more r134 in system), the more the engine fan runs, no doubt. just notice how often the fan increasingly kicks on as the system is being charged. but i've had a low pressure switch in my personal vehicle be the fault for the exact same problem because the valve core-which is the same as a tire valve stem core-started to unscrew. the pressure would not push that "button" in far enough to disengage clutch, but the high pressure switch was. disengaging clutch.

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That's called a Schrader Valve


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