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micro blue the air compressor?

How about the idea of useing the micro blue proccess on the air compressor? And all the gears that drive it. Its a parasite drag on the engine. Could the proccess make it more efficent, run cooler and last longer? Hmmm.... maybe a wee bit more mpg?

The thought came to me as I was looking at what appears to be a leak at the air outlet fitting, dripping what looks to be oil thinking that can't be good. If there's enough oil to be dripping how much is going downstream into the rest of the system? Plugging up the air dryer? The compressor has 300,000 miles or a little over 7000 hours on it. Time for a new one?

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Treating the compressor will not improve the fuel economy to a measurable degree so it would be hard to justify the cost. If your compressor comes on often when driving you can disconnect the intake tube from the intake manifold so the compressor doesn't steal boost from the engine. That will make your compressor fill the tanks a lot slower though.

You can check your compressor by taking of the feed line and sticking a rag to the outlet to see how much oil it is pushing out. At 300k it should still have a lot of life left in it.

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Well, a difference in mpg even if immeasurable is still a difference. The other benifits could be that the compressor would last a long time. A value in its self.


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