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The Eco-Purâ„¢ System is the first and only supplemental filtration system that uses electronic controls to continuously optimize the cleaning process, allowing your engine to run with clean oil 100 percent of the time.

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Lucas Oil on extended drain and base oil

I have had Mobil Delvac and Shell Rotella and my TBN always gets low. Apparently according to Kevin my cylinder kits are tight since I'm not consuming enough oil to add make up oil to compensate for my TBN. I hear that Lucas has a great oil for maintaining a high TBN. They also tout their oil is great for extended drain intervals. Anyone had any experience using the OPS Eco-pur, extended drains and intervals? I tend to change my 10" @ 25k miles and my extended drain filters every two intervals. Any help will be appreciated.

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You pretty much understand what your problem is and I'm not knocking the OPS but this is a problem with engines that don't use some oil while running this bypass filter. Because your make up oil such a small quantity your TBN will drop over a period of time. Just drain out a gallon or two when you see this on your oil report. Lucas oil will do the same thing when run too long.

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