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How long does written warning stay on record

was given written warning for going onto shoulder in a 40 mph crosswind in missouri on I70, written for improper lane usage, how many points is this and how long does it stay on your record

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thanks, that's depressing


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The way I understand it, everything goes on a three year cycle.

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there isn't an "improper lane usage" in the csa - the term is state specific.

i got one in idaho a long time ago and was called "failure to maintain lane" under similar circumstances. this warning will cost you either 3 or 5 points - times three for the first year, times two for the second and times one for third and last. Then it drops off.

here's everything you never wanted to know about csa scoring:

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anyone know how to regain points lost on csa instead of waiting for them to come off. thank you

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The score is supposed to improve when you get clean inspections but I'm not sure if it works like supposed to.


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FAQs on CSA Scores ( )


Q: Does the driver component of CSA only apply to drivers with a CDL license?

A: No. Any driver operating a commercial vehicle is subject to the CSA program. A "commercial vehicle" according to the FMCSA is a vehicle used in commerce with a gross weight or a gross weight rating of more than 10,000, either single or in combination, a passenger vehicle that seats more than 8, and any vehicle transporting a placarable amount of a hazardous material (see ยง390.5 for a complete definition).

Q: Will violations, citations, or warnings issued against a driver while driving his/her personal vehicle be placed into the driver's data in CSA?

A: No. The only data that will be placed into the CSA database related to drivers will be violations noted on a roadside inspection report (this is only completed when a commercial vehicle and/or the driver of a commercial vehicle is inspected) and crashes that the driver is involved in while operating a commercial vehicle.

Q: Will the severity weighting points for violations discovered during a roadside inspection be assigned to a driver's CDL following the inspection?

A: No. The severity weight system is simply a component of the CSA Safety Measurement System and has nothing to do with the driver's license.

Q: Will firing a driver that has a lot of violations in their personal data improve a carrier's CSA scores?

A: No. If the driver committed the violations while operating under a carrier's DOT number, those violations stay with that carrier for 24 months, even if the driver leaves.

Q: When hiring a driver, does the driver's CSA data get added to the new company's CSA data?

A: No. The only violations that get placed into a carrier's data are violations involving vehicles and drivers operating under the carrier's DOT number.

Q: Will violations and crashes stay with a driver who continually jumps from company to company?

A: Yes. If a violation is determined to be one the driver was responsible for or could have prevented it will be placed in his/her personal data as well as the carrier's. This personal data stays with the driver, no matter what carrier the driver is working for.

Q: Where will violations involving owner operators operating under our DOT number show up in the CSA system?

A: Any violation involving a vehicle or driver operating under a carrier's DOT number will be assigned to the carrier, including violations involving owner operators operating under a carrier's DOT number. If the violation is one that the driver is responsible for or could have prevented, the violation will also be assigned to the driver (in this case, the owner operator).

Q: Are there any violations that only the driver is held responsible for?

A: No. All violations are assigned to the company. If the violation is one that the FMCSA has determined the driver was responsible for or could have prevented the violations will also be placed into the driver's data.

Q: Can using the Driver Pre-employment Screening Program (note: this is a separate program that uses the same data as CSA, but it is many times involved in CSA discussions) or pulling driver-specific data out of the CSA system take the place of getting an MVR and/or doing a safety performance history on a new driver, or the annual review on an existing driver?

A: No. The data in the PSP and CSA systems is not the same information that is in the driver's MVR (MVR has citations and convictions, while the PS and CSA systems show violations noted on roadside inspection reports) and is not the same information that is being collected in the SPH (drug and alcohol testing results are not in any database maintained by the FMCSA).

Q: Will the FMCSA notify the driver's carrier if they take action against a driver?

A: At this time, the exact procedures involving driver interventions have not been developed. However, as the driver interventions will be tied to carrier interventions for the time being, a carrier should be aware of when one of their drivers has been subjected to an intervention.

Q: Can a driver lose his/her CDL if the CSA system "flags" the driver as being a poor driver?

A: No. There are no regulatory provisions that would allow the FMCSA to "pull" a driver's CDL at this time (this would require rulemaking). The FMCSA can initiate interventions against the drivers, up to and including fining the driver, but they cannot suspend a driver's CDL at this time.

Q: Will carriers be able to see driver BASIC Scores in the CSA or PSP systems?

A: No. Carriers will only be able to see the driver data; the driver's BASIC CSA Scores will be confidential.

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