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Should air leak out with the engine off?

Both air tanks hold air except when I drop the lift axle and turn the engine off then I lose air pressure and the axle will lift and drain a tank.

The axle will not stay down unless the engine is on. Should I expect the axle to stay down as freight is loaded and the engine off?

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With the engine off and the tag axle up, you should not lose any air pressure. When you put the tag down, you are using air pressure from the tanks to keep it on the ground. If the truck loses air with the engine off, and tag on the ground, you have a leak somewhere. I would start by checking the air bags on the lift axle around both the bells with soap and water, then I would check the air ride valve for leaks also. If the air leaks out when the truck is off and axle on the ground, then the leak is in the air system for the tag axle. Hope this helps

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With the engine off the axle will stay down as long as the truck is not loaded or when a lift truck is going in and out.

Could I adjust the valve to hold more weight/pressure?


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I had Tri-axle trailer that did the same thing. When I shut the truck off it would lift the axle. But when I turned the key to the on position power when to the dump value keeping it closed. I thought it was a problem And kentucky trailer said that that's the way they designed that set up for that trailer. My current spread axle does the same thing without power. Try using the key position first before you start the truck. Mine has to be in the full on position while I have the spread up or down.

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to keep axle down without key on. wire the the axle to a constant power source out of your breaker box. or go to air over and eliminate the electric all together, i found this to be more reliable.

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