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Head gasket on 2010 ISX 550

Hi there a friend of mine blew his head gasket at 190,000 miles. Number 2 and 5 compression rings let go. The shop says that all cylinders are at 9 thou protrusion. Spec is 7-14. They slapped a new gasket on it and bolted it back together. Is anyone else running into this? Any info would be great. He lost 15 days to this and is very un easy with the fact that they never went into a cause of why it failed.

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Each liner has a ring that protrudes around the top edge of the liner. The liner protrusion is how far the liner sticks out of the block. There is a copper shim that is installed under the liner that sets the liner height. When the head gasket is installed and the head set in place the gasket is actually sitting on the ring around the top of the liner and when the head bolts are torqued the liner ring is mashed up into the head gasket. The proper way to check liner protrusion is to install the liner press tool that pulls the liner down into place and torque it down. Then check the protrusion with a micrometer. If this was not done the protrusion could very well be too low. I would say that if he blows another head gasket to be sure it is checked this way. ''italic text''

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