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Primary air break gauge light & buzzer stays on

I have a 1999 T2000. My Primary Break Air gauge "red light" & "horn" stay on even after aired up. After driving for a while & or tapping on the break pedal they go off. I was told by a road Mechanic who opened the dash radio panel, its the Primary low pressure air valve. He removed the connected wire & the light & horn went off. I ordered one from KW. They sent me the wrong one, with a brass bottom thats about a 1/2" threaded. They acted surprised. The valve bottom needs to be about an 1/8" straight brass tube that somehow "slip" fits into a manifold. It looks like there's some kind plastic ring that may slide up & dn that hold this in place. I can't tell how this can be removed & replaced. Does anyone know? It seems like a tight fit, and I'm concerned about goofing this up, or something else in this tight area. Is this a concern?

Additional info: Thanks to Allen Wilson & Mel. Both of you offered good information. It was a slip fitting. At first I couldn't get it out. I released all the air out of the system & then fiddled with it and it came out. The new valve is only $15 so I'm going to replace both. There was also a leak in the trailer/tractor valve; which I've ordered also.

Additional Info: Kenworth sent me the wrong Low Pressure Valves. I took the truck to a shop & they pulled one of the valves & got the number off of it. Plugged it allowing the truck to run. Then they ordered the valve(s). Now they cost $89.00. ????? Trailer/Parking valve was about $285 plus an hr labor.

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The plastic ring that you say may slide up and down. This maybe a Push-To-Lock type fitting. If it is, it works like your shop air hose coupling. You would push the plastic ring down, it would only have about an eigth of an inch give, that releases the fingers so the tube is free to be pulled out.

Not sure if this helps, just might be a possibility.

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If it is a push release connector it will help a lot to drain all the air out before start and lock will be much easier to undo

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Kenworth t2000 year 2000

My truck did the same exact thing.

Easy fix … behind raido dash u have 2 round air sensor/switch

Pop off and replace. All good! 10-4!

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