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Is Your Truck and Yourself set up For Winter?

I can't count how many times a driver had been caught broke down in the cold ...

3 to 4 hrs waiting for that service truck in even a warm 28deg F with a slight wind chill factor will drop your body temp.

So heres' a small list and i hope others will add to it.


some food and water!

thermal snow bib snow pants and jacket.

hat, ie like the goofy one's the Canuks wear.


boots. for winter not line dancing!

Extra warm blanket

this way your warm!


to have on in the cab at night so peeps can see that your in truck needing help. turn it off when you get help too.please


do a pre winter service Alt,Batteries,all conections. coolant (hose&Clamps too)


extra wiper blades proper wash fluid -20deg F

good anti gel for fuel your APU or bunk heater(espar) will need it if your in real cold weather.and the engine has failed.

broom or snow brush They can't see the flashing light if your cab if it is covered with snow.

Flares....And put them out too!!!!! so you don't get run over! triangles really suck and are good for nice sunny days!

deiceing fluid if your 5th wheel is locked frozen put it in a spray bottle..or just have one to put it in..

A bag of salt/sand

booster cables

Tow chain 25' min.

got tools? better get some don't be a Bumm.

extra fuel filter and wrench that fit.

Air line repair kit

extra airlines and pigtail (if you Don't have them)

I'm stopping here so you all can add to the lists.


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We stay in california during winter. We have sunscreen , flip flops and surfboards ......

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getting new truck before winter,i'll be ready for forty below

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got my new #1 fuel when cold#2 when warmer no problems with freezing up on 3406E.air brake fluid for lines coolant and oil bottles.a cubby buddy toolbox box full of tools that would impress any mechanic


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We carry spare fuel filters, especially the hydraulic FASS filter if you have a Fass. Carry automatic transmission fluid to fill your filters, it will start the engine just as good as diesel ,without the mess , and will clean injectors. The FASS filters are hard to find in a pinch, so carry spare !!

Don't forget the starting fluid !! Bottle of rubbing alcohol, good for many uses!

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Spend a few bucks and get a good quality chain repair tool and carry it with you. You'll use it and be able to help some other poor slob who is unprepared from time to time.

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I make sure my cell phone is always charged, and I carry a 40 channel CB handi talki with spare batteries. I also have a 2 meter ham radio

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