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Edge wear on steer tires, no feather wear...?

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I were my steer right tire in about 60K due to that edge wear. My left steer last longer, about 150. I went to MD Alignment last year in Chicago and it didn't fix the problem. When I was putting my next set of tires I tried other place (BauerBilt) and that didn't fix the problem either. So now I have to put another one on and would like to fix the problem finally.

- there is no feather wear on either tires.

- RIGHT tire INSIDE always wear 2x times faster

- LEFT tire OUTSIDE wear slower

- It is a even wear, I dont think it is a bearing problem and all the components has been checked

- please note that the actual picture that I took with camera is a tire flipped on the rim, so I could do little more miles out of it. So please see the drawing for the actual wear problem. Wear on the tire on picture is on the INSIDE.

- and it pulls every day to different direction and its got horrible handling problem.

Any ideas???

Update (01/20/2018)

So I never got this problem figured out until now... got a new trailer, have zero funny wear... all that edge front tire wear cuzed by trailer!

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Yes 5th wheel bushings are wore so when loaded the trailer tilts to the right caused from the crown of the road this will make your frame to flex (normal) when this happens your front axle will have a left side lead meaning left tire is ahead of the right..

(if you drive in the hammer lane you have just as much pull to the left as you did when you were in the right lane) BTW unless you have the alingment 0deg.... it should pull to the right slightly...

i chased this same problem for 400,000mi

changed everything $$$$$$$

went 10 different shops they all said they had the fix!!!!!

then one day i went to a tire shop for another set of steers bitched about tires wearing out after 65to 70 k after everything i had to get done.....

and he walked over to the 5th wheel and said there is your problem!

at that time $25 for pins and bushings and got 165,000 from the steers....

Look at them put a pri bar and look at the play in the saddles....

if anyone is confused with the frame and front axle description find at bike ride and have someone sit behind you and lean while your trying to go straight and that is what wore out 5th wheel bushings lets the trailer do to your alingment ...

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Good question!

Good answer too!

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