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books for running co

what are some good reading books for dilling with brokers and running a co

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Books for running a company... where to begin? I guess buying one book or a couple books at a time. I have a small library of books.

For a basic general business book I recommend Small Time Operator by Bernard Kamoroff.

A basic trucking book is Partners in Business. Costs $20.

I haven't read any books (and don't know of any) that deal specifically with working with brokers. Kevin has a book list on his profile. I have one on my profile too.

Any books that deal with business to business (b2b) or negotiation are possibly applicable to dealing with brokers. Also see Audio books on negotiation?.

A good course (comes with a set of small books and audio cd's in a binder) for how to work as a leased driver is ATBS CABS. CABS is short for Course of Advanced Business Standards. But they must have just wanted to use an acronym because there is nothing advanced about the course and it doesn't really deal with business standards either. But if you need basic trucking information then it's a good resource. Costs $500.

OOIDA offers a webinar series that covers some things that aren't in the CABS course. For example, it covers getting your own operating authority (as opposed to leasing on to a carrier) that isn't covered in the CABS course. The whole series costs $1200.

To make a judgment call based on such a basic question I'd recommend you buy ALL of the above if you're serious. And if you scoff at spending over a thousand dollars on this basic preparatory education then I'd say you're either not serious or don't have enough money saved.

You can also check It's trucking specific for negotiating with brokers. I haven't bought or reviewed this program so I have no opinion or recommendation on it one way or the other. Judging by the blog I'm sure it would be helpful to some people who would be able to learn and understand the material better in the context of a trucker/broker negotiation. Whereas with other negotiation books you would have to know how to apply what you learned this one probably helps spell it out a little more for you. But I can't say for sure because I haven't read the book or listened to the cd's.

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Awesome Ed, Thanks for all your help. I am still planning to get Kevin's Audio book and workbooks. I plan to take notes and all and draw up my plans while I work on saving money to buy a truck. That way when I pull the trigger I will be as ready as possible.

It does help its not my first business, as I have ran a few others and sold them over the years.

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Dave Ramsey has some must . Entreeleadership is a must read of his.

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