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2011 Volvo D13 Coolant loss

I have been running this 2011 Volvo with a 425hp D13 since it had 18,500 miles. It has been losing coolant since day 1, usually on a hard pull is when I get the "Critically low coolant level" warning. I check the coolant level daily, and top it off when it gets close to the minimum level.

The company shop has found two loose clamps and a leaking hose. So they say, I have only seen coolant on the ground twice and that was coming from a clamp behind the water pump. The shop would not supply me with coolant, and simply said to add water.

They finally sent the truck to Volvo after I added 2 gallons of water during a 300 mile trip from Vegas to Phoenix.

The Volvo shop in Phoenix removed the EGR cooler outlet hose and pressre tested the EGR cooler finding NO leaks. Then pressuer tested the cooling system and found coolant leaking from air compressor hose clamp. They tightened the clamp, topped off the system and pressure tested again finding no leaks.

5400 miles since leaving the Volvo shop, I have already added 2.5 gallons of coolant. (Finally convinced the shop to give me coolant instead of adding water!)

The shop is not willing to take an oil sample. Every time I put it in the shop to fix the coolant leak, they have it for 3-4 days and do not fix the problem.

Does anybody have any ideas of what I can look at so I can solve this problem and not have to worry about overheating? If the coolant is getting into the oil, and the company does 30,000 mile oil changes, how much damage is the coolant doing to this motor? Will this be an issue for me, or will the motor go 500,00 miles without any issues?

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First is your truck or company truck? If it is your truck you can buy a combustion leak tester for about 45 dollars and test the coolant for combustion gas if shows combustion gas in the coolant then you have a cracked head, bad head gasket, or problem with a liner. I am dealing with the same problem as we speak Detroit shop just put a new head on 2 weeks ago and changed all the coolant and now we have combustion gas in the coolant again so they we have a bad liner somewhere. So now Detroit's now sure what their going do with it but it's under warranty so I am not to worried at this point. If you are getting coolant in the oil depending on the amount of coolant it will ruin the bearings.

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Any coolant or water in the oil is a big problem for some reson in likes to find your shell bearings and stay there,only way i found to remove it from a shell bearing is to add a jug of WD-40 to the crankcase oil and fast idle for 20 min then drain all the oil and then turn engine over on the starter only to drain the pump..

your problem reads like you have a cold engine leak, which is 75% in the head area

Cold Engine Leak is when a gastket or surfaces are not staying sealed until operating temp. or during cooldown (engine turned off)

If this is your truck buy a dye test kit $19.00 bucks comes with a black light.... Put the dye powder or tables into the coolant.....

go drive ..... b4 you shut it down for the shift or and p&d take the black light and shine it on the dipstick oil

then shine it in the fuel tank see if you have a leak that way....


step 2

after you have let the enginr cool off (after sleeping)

do step one again before you start engine


step 3

start engine run down the road again next stop

do step one again

if the dye is in the fuel

head or injector cups

if its in the oil head or head gasket

or liner or maybe block

hope this helps

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Leaking by egr cooler


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Same issues here but I can’t find any replies as to how to FIX THESE PROBLEMS…

so so what I’ve found is this:

head gasket redone/replaced

EGR valve replaced

radiator filter replaced (yeah I had no idea radiators had filters but mine did and it needed to be replaced cause it was clogged)

thermostat seal replaced (there’s nothing actually holding it in place so that’s where the coolant was going)

thermostat replaced

after all that, there were a bunch of wires behind the EGR valve that had rubbed raw so those were replaced as well


so far no problems or leaking coolant

hope this helps

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