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Where to put fuel taxes in profit gages

the company i am leased to takes fuel taxes out each week. when i do my monthly report on profit gages do i just add it to the fuel report or what do i do. please help. im not good at this

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When you are entering your settlements each week, the fuel tax amount should come off of the settlements as a deduction and you can create a sub-category in "Tax and License" Name the sub-category "Fuel Tax".

If you are still having trouble, call 855-800-FUEL (3835) ext 807

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Ive got a $72 credit back last month where would that be posted at in Profit Gauges since it was a credit back not exp ?

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Put a - in front and it will add it to or take it out of the taxs

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I glad someone asked this question because that's what I was looking for. If my company charges a fee for doing the fuel tax do I put down the fuel tax amount and then put the fee under "fee" or put it all in fuel tax? Same thing for an advance, do I put the fee under "fee"?

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Todd, you are correct you'd add the fee to the FEEs category in both situations.


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