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13 spd model #

Does anyone know the model # of the 13spd double overdrive Kevin talks about. I looked on eaton's site , I'm assuming it would be RTLO-12913A thru RTLO-20913A (with the 1st 2 digits being the torque rating)

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I've always thought most, if not all, 13 speeds were double overs. I think it is very rare to find a single over or direct 13 speed.

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exactly what "interstate5trucker" said... most all 13s are double overs

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I have a RTLO18913A and here are the ratio's I believe they are typical of most 13 speed trannys. Here the link to Eaton for the ratio's of all their 13 speed transmissions.

Eighth H


Eighth L


Seventh H


Seventh L


Sixth H


Sixth L


Fifth H


Fifth L










Low 1


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model numbers? well, I have a RTLO 16913A early big bearing case eaton and that is the model number. oh, by the way- fifth gear in low range on this gearbox and sixth gear (high range 1st gear position, no split) is the same ratio! so, one can do the splits going from sixth to seventh gear a bit better when heavy and climbing a grade faster by using that gear- and not loosing any more momentum than necessary~

so, they made several ratio spreads for different motors, I think. that's in response to one other reply that listed the gear reduction ratio's.

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the trans kevin talks about is an rto13. when they went to the L (low inertia) they changed the configuration and single OD was no longer possible, I know the still made them in the 80's but they wouldn't have a torque rating for a modern engine

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