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Looking for input on these Specs

I understand the Possible EGR issues of a truck in this year and would like to just stick to the Specs below if we could please

07 Freightliner Century

13 spd

3.42 on LP 22.5's

Detroit 60-14L

just under 600K miles they are asking for $41K but all things are negotiable :) driving 48 states pulling dry box freight weight is from 0-44k

Would a truck with these specs be expected to get decent Fuel Mileage baring any EGR issues?

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you lost me at soon as you mention it i move on

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I got lost at at '07. Not doing DPF either.


not sure why either of you even bothered to type here!! ... as for your comment cdowning there is no DPF on that truck


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3.42's are a little tall. However, if you're going to run 55-58, the 13 speed is a huge advantage running in 12th gear. If you're going to run 60 or above, 13th gear will work great also. You'll have to experiment running both gears throughout the country.

The LP 22.5's are a great advantage in both rolling resistance and helping offset the taller gear ratio.

I think these specs are a great place to start. Pittsburgh Power is having great results with "repairing" the EGR issues on that 14 Liter Detroit also. If you purchase this truck, maybe budget in the Pittsburgh Power EGR "repair" and you can possibly have an excellent truck in the long run.

At 55mph in 12th gear, with a 275 80 R22.5, and those specs in 12th gear, you should be turning about 1340RPM's which is ideal for that Detroit.

Drive the truck first to verify these specs because sometimes gear ratios are changed from the original specs.

Good luck to you driver.

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I currently drive 57 about 99.9% of the time. Once in a great while I might step up to 62ish lol

I do appreciate your input here Jeff and Thanx for the legit feed back..


not sure how to mark as accepted answer but thank you again:)


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