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shredding speed sensor on fitzgerald glider

We just had the speed sensor replaced at Freightliner. Since its a glider kit they wouldn't cover it om warrenty. Went about another 150 miles and it broke off again. It is completely shredded so must be an internal problem with transmosion.. have 5400 miles on truck. should we take it to detroit or eaaton?


Thanks for the info. After speaking with Steve at Fitzgeralds on Monday I took the truck to Wheeler Freightliner in Pacific, WA and they were very helpful.

They had in the shop within an hour of my arrival and proceeded to trouble shoot. The sensor was complete broken and lost 5 quarts of fluid through the hole created by the shattered plastic. They said it wasn't covered since it's a glider. Called Steve back and he told them it was and if nothing else Fitzgeralds would pay them and apply for warranty thru eaton themselves.

Freighliner pulled back off transmission and found when Salt Lake City Freighliner replaced the original one that broke they didn't clean all the debris from around the yoke and that's what shattered the sensor. Pacific cleaned debris and put in new sensor.

The service from Freighliner in SLC and Wheeler in Pacific was excellant. Freighliner in SLC covered cost of repairs since their mechanic didn't complete the original repair properly. Wish it would have been done right first time, but they surprized and paid to make it right. Wheeler's service manager was extremely helpful by calling ,Eaton, Fitgerald's and Freightliner in Slc to get repair covered by someone besides me. Only 5000 miles on truck so I was rather insistant that it should be warrantied by someone. Fitzgerald's was also very helpful.

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I'm not a tranny guy so won't even attepmt to troubleshoot but I'd recommend Eaton over Freightliner if you have a chance. Either way you'll be paying for labor so better at a shop that deals with nothing else than those transmissions. You could also look for a good transmission shop/technician specializing in rebuilds - those guys usually have a good eye for spotting problems.

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I would remove the damaged sensor and jack one wheel off the ground chock the wheels and release the brakes so that you can rotate the drive shaft while looking into the sensor hole. You will see spline type teeth. Look and make sure there is no damage or something lodged between the teeth that could be damaging the sensor. If you see no damage install the new sensor. When you install a new sensor you screw it in till it touches then back it out half a hex or 1/8 of a turn. Then rotate the drive line to see if you can hear it rub. The sensor spline centers on the output shaft that the yoke bolts to so it should not be wobbling unless the wrong one has been installed.

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