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Is it possible to setup a "benchmark" in Profit Gauges

I was sitting here thinking the other day while I was inputting my information into Profit Gauges that it would be awesome to compare my operation to others on the site.

I'd like to see how I'm doing vs others leased onto carriers, leased onto my carrier, have their own authority, pull a van vs other types of operations.

I know you all of a lot on your plates with everything but all this should take is a simple questionnaire that asks us if we're leased onto a carrier, under our own authority, what type of trailer we haul, if we purchase our insurance from our carriers or outside source, whether or not we use the carriers fuel card(discount) or our own.

The computer could do the rest to rank us and filter similar to that of how we can in FuelGauges.

It'd also be nice if we could use the Settlement entry in ProfitGauges to compare the price paid versus FuelGauges to get a discount rate to compare between carriers, programs.

Just a thought.

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Your idea of having a benchmark feature is on the list of things to do. Thank you for that.

Your idea about the settlement comparison for fuel discount and then actual fuel is a very interesting concept. It's not on the list to discuss further. Thank you for sharing.

please note

You amazing ideas would go under the Feature Requests category rather than ProfitGauges. I'll change this for you. Thanks again

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Any update on any of these making future features? I know you've got a lot on your plate with everything, especially with the fuelgauges update/app but i'm going through my unresolved posts and found this one, figured I'd ask.


No not yet, our other projects are taking on our entire team to get it right.


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