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Super 10 top 2 is it a trouble?


I looking for advice on Eaton Super 10 top 2 transmission.

I've purchased a 2001 Volvo with Detroit S60; 3.58 rears with a Eaton top 2 10 speed (9/10 automatic).

I'm wondering if it's a good transmission; the maintenance

records show transmission was replaced by a remanufactured with 760k miles.

It also show trans ECU replaced later and several problems splitting gears.

The truck has 1 million 270k miles.

I've heard many times Kevin saying this is a problematic transmission. Can it be changed for regular 10 speed overdrive? Its better bank some money to replace the transmission ?

Thank you all very much!

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I have a Super 10 top 2.

If they are taken care of properly they will last a long time like any other transmission.

I currently have 1,349,532 miles on mine. I haven't had any problems with it. I sampled the oil on it Nov 2010 when it was changed. Everything was fine except I just started shoving minor bushing/thrust metal wear.

I have also heard Kevin say he doesn't like them but I remember the reasons he didn't like them was because you can't do progressive shifting with them. I'm not sure why else he doesn't like them.

There is a shifting solenoid that can go bad and that will cause the splitting gears problem, I replaced mine back in 2006 when I replaced the clutch since they were in there.

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I agree with Jackie- I have a Super 10 on my WhiteGMC/Volvo W1A64, and if you take care of it, it'll take care of you. Consider replacing the shift solenoid, and having the Top 2 "feature" turned off in the ECM, and it will last a long time- just about as long as any other Super 10. I currently have 1,025,659 original miles on my Super 10 and it has only needed a shift fork (due to the severe duty driving I work in every day and the previous drivers of my truck floating gears).

It can be replaced with a Super 10, but that will be expensive compared to replacing the Shift Solenoid and turning Top2 off. Hope this helps!

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I have a super ten also but when I stopped the other day it wouldn't go into low and then I drove for a few miles and stopped again it went into a neautral state and wont go back into gear at all any ideas????

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Hi I ran across your super 20 issue. Of not going into low then stopping again and going into neutral. This is exactly what I am dealing with on my super 10. What was the problem?


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