Shaking side to side at 45mph to 55mph

2014 international prostar 475500mi w/cummins x15 and Eaton fuller 10spd manual.

I just had the clutch replace 2 weeks ago it's a hydraulic clutch and everything had to be replaced… fast forward 1 week later… I start getting this wierd vibration as I'm getting up to speed at 45mph and my steering wheel shakes from side to side it smoothed out at about 55 mph

I looked at carrier bearing and it has no play… checked my wheel seals and plenty of oil and no metal … checked brakes for anything sticking but all looked good… next I checked all my steering components …steering column has tiny bit of play in it ? Checked pitman arm, drag link, and tie rod all are tight and seem ok power steering pump leaks a tiny bit…

Fast forward 1 more week

As I was looking around at my tires I did notice that I had tire wear patterns starting now on both steer tires… The driver side has cupping or some call it scalloping (the first rib on tread has angled wear at 45°) The passenger side has shoulder wear. These came in a week of running.

My drive have no wear patterns and are pretty even. The only exception is the two tires on rear passenger side … I had a tires go flat and was replaced by a used all position tire that had 30% more tread depth than the remaining tire on that axle. The used tire was put on the outside and the remaining good tire was mounted on the inside…

Fast forward to today… the inside tire is now bald almost to a racing slick and I'm gonna have to change it soon. But the used all position tire seems to have not lost any depth.

These are only things I can find … tire wear on steers , and tire wear on rear passenger inside tire… the shake feels like it's coming from front axle and my steering wheel shakes side to side but only during acceleration and at 45mph to 55 mph

Is this alignment issue? Tires? Something else?

Thank you

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