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Chasing air leaks on International 9400i?

I’ve been driving in temps from the 70’s to -5 faren. My secondary air tank goes from 125 to 100 lbs, then builds back up to 125. It does this about once a minute. My primary never moves driving down the highway, always at 125. I’ve had it in 3 shops, and when I get to the shop, it stops doing it and they can’t find any leaks. It does it bobtail or with my trailer. I know my rear shocks are bad, I ordered and paid for a new set from RoadKing in October, and it’s almost Feb. and I still haven’t received them.

So my theory is that because the shocks are bad, (Old Roadkings, about 300,000 miles), when I’m driving there is excessive bounce on my tandem, which is causing the leveler valve to release air from the bags, then fill up the bags, causing my secondary air level to drop and build. ????

Does my theory sound correct?

I was thinking about getting some cheap shocks at this point to put on, but just as soon as I put them on the new ones will probably arrive. At $1200 for 4 shocks I hate to have the extra expense. I’ve talked to RoadKing several times, yet still can’t get an answer as to when they will arrive. I paid for them back in October.

Do you have any other suggestions?

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No, the air leak is too fast. I don't remember which air tank the fan hub draws from, but in my experience with the 9400i, most likely a brake chamber or the fan hub. Luckily, both are inexpensive maintenance item

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