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The Eco-Purâ„¢ System is the first and only supplemental filtration system that uses electronic controls to continuously optimize the cleaning process, allowing your engine to run with clean oil 100 percent of the time.

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Engines using oil after OPS EcoPur install

I installed EcoPur systems on two of my trucks. One has a 6NZ Cat, the other has a 1998 12.7 Detroit DDECIV. Before the new systems, the Cat used a negligible amount of oil in 10,000 miles (which was my old service interval). The Detroit would typically use right at a gallon per 10,000. The Cat has about 35,000 on a platinum overhaul and the Detroit has about 230,000 on a complete (Fitzgerald). Now, both engines have jumped to over 3 gallons in 15,000 miles. I am still using the same oil (Rotella 15w40), I consulted with an OPS rep before during and after the installation to make sure everything was installed correctly before I even turned the engines over, and I even was in contact with another rep who gave me a couple of things to check once the problem came up. I have checked what he told me to and everything is fine there. It does not make sense to me how cleaning my oil would suddenly increase consumption like this. In fact, I would argue it is counter-intuitive. There are no leaks, and no increase in blowby. Has anybody else had any issues like this , or know of any solutions?

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Can you call into Kevin's show? I think i remember Kevin having a problem like this to the point where his shop was going to rebuild or replace the engine because of oil consumption on a new engine. Unfortunately I don't remember all the details. I would call in and at least hear that story. Sorry i can't help out more.

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