Insurance company wont let me drop my insurance

I bought a truck in Illinois. Put it on my insurance plan got a in-transit tag from Illinois, drove it home. The truck is now at my home, in my shop where I plan to keep it for the next year. I tried to take it off my insurance and they will not let me drop it. I just bought this truck to fix up and eventually use it some day but it will not be any time soon. They are talking about my state filings and saying they cant drop my insurance. Has anyone ever heard of this? Any info will be appreciated. Here is what my insurance agent told me exactly..........................................

I apologize, but I am getting the run around with Progressive. Last week when I spoke to them they said if you didn’t register the vehicle and had no plans to in the near future we would be able to remove the 1999 Freightliner.

When the other girls at the agency tried to remove it for you Friday, Progressive refused to take it off.

I called today and told them what I was told last week and they told me I was misinformed; that because of your truck filings with the State they cannot remove this truck unless it is not in your possession and you do not own it. I have argued and argued with them, however, they will not stand behind what I was told last week. They think the person I spoke with last week did not realize you have special truck filings on your policy.

They said based on the State filings Progressive will be on hook for liability for any truck you own whether it is registered or not.

Therefore, unless you tell me you do not own the vehicle and it’s not in your possession, I cannot get it removed.

Again, I am sorry for the incorrect information we were given and I passed on to you

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