Mystery Fluid leaking from PP Exhaust manifold Cat 3406E

Cat 3406E 1LW

1.5 mil on engine But 110k On Gold overhaul done @ Kenworth Dealer.

Have good oil samples from all oil changes except one that a sample was not taken.

The mystery liquid is leaking out of the coupling on the Pittsburgh Power exhaust manifold and dripping right onto my turbo oil feed line. I thought the feed line was leaking so replaced o rings,fittings, and the feed line itself then found the leak to be in the manifold. The dealer has been notified and the have looked it over but they believe it is "Fuel Slobber" From idling. Dealer is telling me they don't want to waste my money opening it up. But the rebuild is still under warranty from them. That being said I can only notice the leak after a 10hr break. If i clean it and run it that day its fine and does not seem to leak but I am not sure if it is not just burning it running down the road whereas at idle I'm not getting hot enough to burn it.It does not smell of Diesel and has same consistency of oil. I know that the PP manifold should not leak at all but it is. Is it acceptable to get any amount of oil into that manifold past the rings? Ive been told whether it is fuel or oil it should not damage the PP Turbo i have. If so should i just ignore the leak and slap a new manifold on?

Engine Seems to be running Well. Fuel mileage is 6.6 for the 30day but oil consumption is up since the last interval. Would normally consume less than 1 gal for 10 to 15k miles Last interval i had to add almost 2 gal over 15k miles. Also Bumping up Idle does not seem to help much. This is my first Cat engine and i was a steering wheel holder with an ISX15 prior to this truck. So any and all info is appreciated.

Thanks for any and all Info!

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