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Volvo D13, 2012 Fuel Stumbling, is it injectors pump or fuel system?

Ok people lets see what y'all can come up with.

Engine seems to stumble as if it was fuel related. Had injectors tested and it passed a response test and a bubble test. It is driving me crazy(and broke) looking for a fix. It doesn't do it all the time is the problem. Sometimes it's like a sewing machine and sometimes it's like taking a spark plug wire off grannies nova. Today it started out running slightly rough then poof, ran perfect for 600+ miles. And it's like this most days. It clears up within the first 50-100 miles or it stays like it all day. And then tonight it did something funny as well. I stopped in at the Petro and had a meal and shower when I called it quits. And I come back out and it took 6-8 seconds to start up, something that has never happened before in it's 583k miles. So if anyone has some ideas please help.

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I have a D13 as well and have had this problem in the past. I know you have had the injectors tested but my guess is with it being intermittent, they were seated correctly when they were tested. As the injectors loosen, they move around more and more and being in the correct seat position is less and less likely. Now you say you have had a hard start, which is another telling sign that the injectors are loose. It is a design flaw of Volvo which is made even worse by the tool they use to install the injectors. Currently it is a 3 prong tool that puts them in and it must be pulled back out which can lead to cup damage from the start. They are working on a new press tool that should be out soon and will help, hopefully. I would wait and see if it gets more consistent on running rough or if the hard starts get worse, then have them tested again. You might have to only replace the cups, but if you have never replaced injectors, you might want to do both. If you go to a shop that has a Dyno they should be able to recreate the rough running. Cleveland, OH has one and so do some of the Bruckner shops in Texas. Best of luck!

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I purchased a brand new 2015 Volvo 780 on September 19, 2018. I had all 6 injectors replace on October 3, 2018. October 2, 2019 my truck is at Volvo in Memphis TN again due to hard start. Volvo says 5 of 6 injectors need replacing. My question is can injectors go out in 66,000 miles? Volvo said my warranty is out because the warranty starts after they diagnose and find the problem. Thanks

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