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Steer axle weight issue

Hi guys,

I have a 2007 Volvo VNL 780. I've recently started experiencing a steer weight issue. I recently picked up a 20k lb load and upon weighing discovered I had a steer axle weight 12800 lbs. the trailer was loaded evenly from front to back. 5th wheel in the rear position and trailer tandems slid up. Upon weighing with an empty trailer I had 11880 on the steers. Bobtail weighs 11780. Picked up a 10K load with full tanks and trailer loaded evenly from front to back and weighed at 12100 on the steers. I've owned the truck for 4 years and have hauled many 40k plus loads with no issues of getting legal. The only work I've had done was A/C work and a left steer tire w/2 studs. It's like magically, all of a sudden I've gained weight on my steer axle to the point of the legal limit while empty for no apparent reason. Have went to Volvo in Dallas and various mechanics to no avail. Any ideas/suggestions or direction for help would be greatly appreciated as being close to the legal limit on my steers is preventing me from my livelihood. If I can provide any more info please let me know.

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,,, the only thing that makes any sense is that the air ride height adjuster(s) are going away, and or out of adjustment.

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Thanks for the response Roland. I measured the frame height in the rear and front and there wasn't enough difference , to make a difference. Approx 1/4"


,,, take the truck somewhere that you can isolate and weigh each drive axle separately .


The 07 780 of my friend had many problems with the leveling valve. Inspect its frame mounts, the linkage etc. The problem has to be there somewhere, or the frame is broken.


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Clean out truck too much accumulated stuff

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