Information on switching to flat bed...Good idea... bad idea..?

I have a few questions on switching to flatbed. My main work is tanker work from May through November. Traditionally, December through April, I will switch over to a van trailer and run mostly brokered loads with a few customers of my own. My truck is a flat top and when I make the switch to van trailer I install a factory fairing on top of the cab to match the height of the van trailer. The only problem is that once I've installed the factory fairing the truck is too high to fit into my shop and I live in upstate, NY where it is freezing. My idea is to switch to flatbed and I wouldn't need to install the factory fairing, there for making it possible to put my truck in my shop at any time during the winter. Just looking for some input on this idea. I have flatbed experience, have hauled, strapped and tarp a lot of lumber, hay, logs and various farm equipment. I've been looking at the load boards and seems to be pretty light on flatbed freight, but then everything seems to be pretty light. What exactly will I need for equipment if I make this switch as far as how many chains, binders, straps, and tarps? Thanks for the input.

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