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Excessive wear on spread axle tires, front rt.


What's the problem? Is it the tires or the trailer?

This problem is serious enough to stopping me from hauling, and maybe getting out of the business completely. This is the 2nd time this problem has happened. It's hair pulling. Neither KR or his alignment guy have been able to come up with an answer or any recommendations to anyone who can.

The tires were replaced by T/A . A Michelin rep believed the previous tires were not the right tires for the trailer. I've had new Michelin XTE's on this trailer for about 5,000 miles. I have the same problem with these tires as the previous tires. There are numerous flat spots worn down to 2/32 nds rendering the tires and the trailer useless at this time.

When I asked Kevin about this problem, when I had it the first time, he said he didn't know what was wrong. I was refereed to Mike Beckett. I don't recall a reason being offered to me by Mike, for the problem. My thoughts at the time was to changed over to the XTE. Based on discussion with Mike and the Michelin rep, was that the X Line tires were the wrong ones for the spread axle trailer.

I might also mention I called the trailer Manufacturer, Direct Trailer, and asked them about the problem. As I recall they had no explanation to offer me; which was not very helpful. Nor did they have any suggestions. So much for the manufactures concern for customers and there trailer performance for that matter.

The wear is so bad I have to stop hauling. The 2 tires are about $1,000 total, and they only lasted for about 5,000 miles.

If anyone has any experience with this tire/trailer problem please let me know?

I seems there's not much participation here on Kevin's questions and answers. Has it dropped off since KR shut down the website?

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Mike you still having tire wear problems with that spread axle? Have you tried having a alignment on this trailer? My spread the only way I'll let it be aligned is by a shop that will use a tape measure nothing else works.


Thx Mel. I'm glade you responded. I'm losing faith in the whole KR thing, ans's here & his radio program. I don't hardly even listen anymore. If I don't thousands of others probably aren't either.

Yes I'm still having problems.

No I haven't tried the alignment. i'd like to know about it a little to know if they are checking correctly.

Know one has come close to giving me a good clue as to what's going on.

I live in the desert. No competent mechanics. And I don't get on the road that enough or make enough money yet to just figure I can go out and stop in anywhere to get it checked out.


Hey Mel, Mike Beckett said that its my brake is causing the problem & needs to be adjusted or fixed. I believe this was the same thing he said the first time I called about the problem a yr ago. I spoke to a mechanic after he told me this and he said there was nothing wrong with the break. I guess I'll have it checked again. I just don't know what to have him do. The tire turns while I'm driving down the road. I believe Mike B said the trailer needs to be jacked up & turned to see what's going on. I just don't know how to handle it.


The trailer was jack up by the tires in question. The mechanic spun the wheel. It turned freely. He said you could spend a lot of money trying to figure out this problem.

I spoke to the trailer manufacturer about the problem. He thought I was talk'n about wear all the way around. Once I said the problem wasn't just wear all around, I told him it was severe flat spots all the way around in the 3-5000 miles. His response was it's a break problem. (Mike B said the same thing).

I watched a vid on break adjustment. It said take breaks off & hit the drums if they ring there all right. The drum opposite the bad tires doesn't ring; problem.


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First I would make sure that your bearings are adjusted properly then move on to making sure your tire pressures are the same on that dual at all times. We used to run 15 spread axle step decks all with Michelin XZE's and we found that running the tire pressure at 90-95 cold gave much better wear than 100-105 and I still run my trailer tires at 95 to this day and I haul heavy. There is a good article on this at

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I do run the tires at 110 psi as stated on tires. This has been a serious problem & difficult to solve, and costly. For no one to know whats wrong and solve the problem is odd to say the least.


Mike you still have tire wear issues. Thought you had it figured out. Mike I never run that much air in my tires on my spread the most is 90 lbs which according Michelin is good for 19,540 lbs per axle. 95 lbs would be good for 20,280 lbs


Thx 4 telling me Mel. I wish Michelin would have told me that when the tires were ruined after 3,000 miles the 1st time. I asked them again what might be the cause. I told the rep, " Michelin does more research than any one and you don't know what the problem is. That's questionable to say the least". He told me to go to the shop that installed them. And he said no more. Maybe someone will read this stuff & learn about Michelin or solve the problem. A couple mechanics have said it could cost you thousands of dollars trying to find the problem changing out parts & tires. Its already cost me a pair of tires. If Michelin didn't replace the 1st pair it would have cost me $1,000. I sure hope others don't run into a problem mechanics can't solve. I'm probably going to hang it up. This kinda thing & FMCSA r killing us.


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