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Cost of maintenance by spec and year/mileage


I am looking into buying a second truck. I Just finished a year in Mammoth. I went with the pre-egr philosophy of a simple aerodynamic truck. Truck had a recent in-frame and transmission overhaul and 1.3 million on it. Average mpg is 6.7 and maintenance cost including a full set of tires and more was, rhetorically 25 cpm. I can continue without going into California so that is not an issue. To some extent I can say I bought an old crappy truck and have been fixing it up. Another issue is I do not do much of my own maintenance because I have a family with three kids under 4yo to to quality time with. The goal is to build a fleet not to drive a truck. Operation: 47 states 53' reefer typically loaded to 70 gross and above. Currently profitable. I am aware that there is a point at which it is easier to get more profit increase with a first truck than by adding a second. This is not that question.


Going forward, is there a year in the newer direction when all this emissions crap starts to be well designed, where the fuel, reliability and maintenance costs start to improve? I am thinking along the lines of, at what point is it more cost effective to pay more up front for a newer broke-in truck with less deferred maintenance and better mpg? for those who have bought newer trucks, what experiences do you all have with newer models?

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The one word you need to know is GLIDER. Check my other answers and search Glider Kits online. Fitzgerald builds a very nice selection of gliders. Other dealers mainly offer Freightliner only. I have direct experience with Fitzgerald Glider Kits (Crossville/Byrdstown TN) and also with Harrison Truck Center (Elk Run Heights/Des Moines IA) 3 trucks total - no regrets... buying more. I started out 3 years ago with a 2000 KW, kept it for 4 months and traded for 2010 Pete. At the same time I bought a 2007 Freightliner Classic. I sold both of those trucks as soon as I could and bought one new Fitzgerald glider and shortly thereafter bought two Harrison gliders. - again; no regrets. In my opinion; this is the only way for a small company to grow in today's trucking industry. Anything else and you'll have nothing but headaches and down-time.

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