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Oil analysis vs oil change

Why do we sample the oil rather than change it every few thousand miles like in a car? (other than cost to change the oil that often)

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You sample the oil to be able to see what is in it or how dirty it is. Fuel soot is what contaminates the oil and causes engine wear. For those that choose to try and extend their oil change interval from 10,000 on out to 20,000 or 30,000 miles oil sampling is critical to knowing when to change oil that is causing wear to the engine instead of lubricating it. Cost is the main factor in doing this, period. Extend your oil change interval you cut your cost of operation.''italic text''

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Cost is the main reason. Also, sampling oil tells you a lot about your engine, it is like a blood test for your engine. The environment gets helped too in the long run.

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You can put the bypass on your car and do the same thing as on the truck, but it don't cost much to change you car oil. When I had my truck back in 2003 thru 2006, I had the ops-1 and my actual savings per year was a little over $1300.

Factored into this figure is the oil changes that I did not do, and the cost of the analyses, the filters and the cost of makeup oil. This is instant savings that you know without a doubt is truly there.

Also as a test, I run my full flow spin on filter 45,000 miles before changing. I cut it open with a hack saw. I then pulled the paper out and tore a piece of it. The yellow color was still in the paper. Now that is clean my friend.

Oil was cheaper back then, I'm sure the savings is much more now.


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