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pre-purchase checklist, whether private party or the dealer

I've heard on multiple occasions people telling me to find Kevins checklist but I've searched and read, with no luck. I know things to check, but I'm sure I'm gonna miss one thing or another.

Is there a forum or list that kevin has posted up? We always talk about it, doing the hard work, but how bout a hand?

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take truck and get it DOT'ed , will tell alot about the truck your looking it

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If your really serious about a certain used truck before you throw down a bunch of money take it to a good reputable shop and have a PM inspection (Preventative Maintenance) done. It may cost a couple hundred dollars or more but that`s a lot better than spending tens of thousands of dollars on a lemon truck that will put you out of business quickly. Also if you know someone who owns several trucks and has been in the trucking business for several years ask them to look it over for you and if possible take it for a drive. Nothing replaces experience. One thing I can tell you for sure is that "It Takes Big Bucks To Play With Big Trucks" good luck my friend.


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