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Setup of a Maintenance Account

We are trying to set aside money to create a maintenance fund for repairs and such. The question we have is, Do we start a separate account with the bank and just transfer the amount we want each payroll to that account or is there an easy way on quickbooks to set aside money to use. We also were just thinking to keep the money in the regular business checking account and setting up an excel spreadsheet. Would love to have some help in what maybe everyone else does or what is the "correct" business way to do this.

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I have $400 a week pulled from my settlement by my company and direct deposit into a savings acct in another state that is not readily or easily accessible to me so I am not tempted to tap into it for an impulse purchase such as chrome and such. I try to maintain $10,000 in this account and siphon off the excess for my chrome habit.......

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Having been an O/O running under my own authority I can tell you that I have never run a more efficient business than I am now. The only thing I am doing different. I pay myself like a driver, a fair wage and that's it. Say .045 per mile or so. Let the business keep EVERYTHING else. This will not only allow you funds to maintain your equipment but will also allow you to grow your business and have capitol available to update your equipment when you need to.

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