What is the formula that is used to figure the 0-200 RR#?

I would like to know what the math problem / formula that is used to get the 0-200 rolling resistance number that is used by everyone?

So far all I can find that is an actual math formula is the SAE formula used to figure rolling resistance.

I have called ALL of the major tire manufacturers and have even messaged Kevin (no reply yet - a month+) on how to find the 86 or 102 rolling resistance rating number used on each BIG tire brand site.

Can anyone enlighten me? Based on the SAE formula the tires I import (private brand) rank up there with the VERY BEST Michelin, Goodyear, Yokohama..... tires, but at less than half the price.

Please help and I'll post what my tire rank at for all to see. I want to provided the highest quality low rolling resistance tires to our fleet drivers, and the drivers of this great nation USA.

Thank you!


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