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Would somebody be willing to look at my oil sample?

My tracking number is 11188F00639

I have high soot for a DDEC IV and not sure where to look or how to correct it. I have a Pittsburg power muffler and their non waste gate turbo, Fleet Air filter and I've always had soot numbers in the 1.2-2 range since I bought the truck 200K ago. Also what is a good number on the TBN, and are there any other concerns with the oil that you may see.

Thanx in advance for your help, I hate to call in to the show just to ask about the sample.


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Ok I checked it out and the information that missing is it's a Series 60. You can add it by clicking on the equipment management tab,

then select your truck and the page will come up where you can edit it.

As far as your sample goes your base is getting low. Drain a couple of gallons and then add them back, this should bring the base back up.

The Moly, magnesium, and calcium are just additives that the oil manufactures put in. Sometimes they change the formula, or if you add a different oil they have different additives and can throw the readings off. That is nothing to worry about

As far as the lead it is still at a minor level and I would keep an eye on it. Your engine is getting up there in miles so it's not unusual. The lead is probably from your bearings.

Nothing to be alarmed about just watch it and if it goes really high you might want to take it t a Detroit shop and have them pull the caps.

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