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Oil on exhaust manifold

I found a little oil on my exhaust manifold it looks like it come from the inside of the motor or turbo.

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It only happens when I idie and I'm starting to think its fuel it not coming from turbo side it's more on the manifold and don't feel like oil it's not as thick


If it's fuel you have a problem, you should never have fuel coming out your manifold. If it's only when you idle, like I put in my answer I think it's just the soot, it will look like oil but be much thinner and gritty.


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In my experience it will be the seals, bearings, O rings in the turbo...having said that at the same time you should see smoke out the exhaust if it is the turbo seals leaking. The exhaust heat will cook the oil and make a &##@ of a smoke plume while you are getting on down the highway.

Is the oil from the inside of the exhaust pipe, or on the outside where the in and out oil lines connect to the turbo? Could be one of the braided oil lines are leaking and getting blown around by the force of the fan on the radiator

Last week I heard a strange noise coming for the passenger side of the engine on my truck, so I stopped to investigate.

Having done this I probably saved my engine, the thrust bearing in the turbo was letting the fresh air side of the turbo rub against the housing where the air hose to air charger cooler connects to the turbo. No oil leak was present in either side of the turbo.

I caught it because I listen constantly to the rhythm and sounds of the engine, and it was in the very start of the rubbing.

I checked out the air charge cooler and blew through it and inspected the intake side thoroughly.

Even though I did not see any fine metals I felt I was fortunate to have caught it early.

I would not take any chances, I've seen the whole top of the engine get whipped out because the situation was allowed to continue.

Good luck

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Check to make sure it is actually oil. Soot looks just lie oil, just not as thick.

Also, do you idle a lot? If its a Detroit they are known to slobber wth a lot of idling.

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Alot of Turbos slobber oil when idling ,even high idle ,both my 12.7 Detroit and Mercedes do it ,but only if they idle for a couple hours, the thing to watch is if it comes out around the manifold ports ,that could be broken ring or a more serious problem.

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