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Company driver to O/O

I have done quite a bit of research on starting a buisness, and I feel that I have everthing needed to become legal, and operational. My questions are, where can i get info on wether to lease to a company or be "on own authority" and where can I find out how much i can make per load to come up with a buisiness plan or is there a site that can help me create a buisiness plan.


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You can check with ooida. Unless you have previous business experience I would lease on to a carrier that dispatches you, then to a system where you select your own loads and if you want more then get authority. Good luck to you! We need more people like you in our industry!

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I would skip the dispatch system and go straight to picking you're own freight with the carrier you're leased to if you have a reasonable amount of experience in the industry and are capable of calculating your costs and know how to decide if a load is profitable (very easy math). The dispatched system is usually a flat mileage rate (not very much either) and it gives them entirely too much control over how much revenue you can make.

I definitely would start with being leased onto a carrier first just for the simple reason there is far less headache when it comes to paperwork required to get into business. I guess there are guys who have went straight to their own authority and made it just fine but the guys I talk to who did that usually grew up in the industry.

If you're able to buy your truck outright and have maintenance fund saved up already, Schneider Choice is a great place to start. My rate per mile is lower than most here but I like to deadhead home a lot. I've been trying to cut that out and get my rate up so I can speed up the paying the truck off.

No matter how you go about it, I'd wait until you can buy your truck cash. I'm making the lease purchase work through Schneider Finance but there are definitely drawbacks to it.

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Add your house bills ,cars,all ins;all credit cards. Plus truck payment, all truck related Ins.

add in fuel cost: projected miles per month by MPG= fuel cost per month.

ADD ALL COST, DIVIDED BY MILES Add in Maintenance costs .08 cent Plus Taxes 9 percent of gross and that's your break even point.

Find a online load boards in the area trucking you would like to go into. They Do Not Paid Deadhead Miles. Be realistic 11000 miles is a good AVG. Point

P.S. Don't for get child or spouse support if needed. GOOD TRUCKING & remember to count the cost..

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