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Should we micro blue a brand new trans

My brother is trying to decide whether to have his shop micro blue a brand new 18 speed 2050 torque trans. he bought to put behind a 700+ hp Micro blued C16 Cat he is having built. He pulls a bull rack and is grossing 90-100,000# most of the time. Plus those trailers are killers in the wind.

Also he goes directly to the farms and runs a lot of 2 lane roads so he probably spends as much time in the lower gears as in the top 2. It's going to cost him $3500 to have the new trans. rebuilt with the micro blue bearings. Is it worth it in durability? How much difference will it make in fuel consumption in his application? What will be the estimated ROI? Do you have any feed back that would be helpful? He can't seem to find anyone that's running one. He's not against spending the money but don't want to be throwing it down a rat hole either. I trust and value your experience and judgement. Thanks! Gerrit

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Why? If this is a new or rebuilt transmission once you break it apart or alter parts you won't have any warranty on it at that point.

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The shop that's doing the work will warranty it so that's not the issue. But what's the pay off in his application? $3,500 will buy nearly 1000 gals of fuel with the right discounts. ;-)


The only product I've tried of micro blue was wheel bearings and I had no difference in MPG so I couldn't justify the cost


I just ran the numbers. If we gain just .01 mpg over the first 100,000 miles it will save 1000 gallons. That's a one year ROI. I'm pretty sure there are too many variables in real world conditions to ever detect a .01 mpg or less. ????


I am not sure how you figured that but in order to save 1000 gallons on 100,000 miles you would have increase your MPG by .4 to .5 over what your getting now


Mel, Thanks for steering me straight. I had divided 1000 gallons by .01 gallons per mile. Wrong! My bad. Thanks again for the heads up.


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Check in the MicroBlue group. Dice posted his results each MB modification, transmission was .3 or .4 mpg.


On 100,000 miles per year:

5.0 mpg = 20,000 gal

5.3 mpg = 18,868 gal

1,132 gal difference X $3.799 = $4,302.00 savings

Over 5 years $21,500.00

For an additional $3,500 cost

5.5 mpg = 18,182 gal

5.8 mpg = 17,241 gal

941 gal difference X $3.799 = $3,576.00 savings

Over 5 years $17,880.00

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