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Original post by: Zachary ,


Wal-Mart, Kohl's department stores, Con-way and Crete Carrier treat their drivers especially well, and I hardly ever hear advertisements for either one (Con-way and Crete Carrier occasionally advertise on SiriusXM's Road Dog channel and on Cumulus Media's Red Eye Radio Show with Eric Harley and Gary McNamara). I'd highly recommend you apply to them, and also to FedEx and UPS. Retail stores (like Wal-mart and Kohl's) generally treat their drivers better than large trucking companies and you almost never hear what a driver makes working for them.

They also keep their equipment maintained better, have safety features others might not have (such as APUs, Stability Control, properly set governors and equipment that helps the driver be more comfortable in the cab), and have drivers who stay on the job for a long, long time.

You will get a great job that you will likely keep for several years if you go to any of these carriers. Ditto for UPS and FedEx.

I would stay away from SRT and other grocery jobs... especially with the bad publicity both they and Central Refrigerated (which is now officially part of SWIFT Transportation of Phoenix, Arizona) have been getting. SEC scrutiny and not paying to get a dead driver's body back to it's family are just some of the issues SRT has in particular.

Here's a link to apply to Wal-Mart's driving jobs: