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Original post by: craig noftall ,


I run a volvo(2011 660 or 680 what ever it is)and i have the d13 with i shift with 264 rears and duel live axles..I have 24.5 low pros and have a hard time gettin over 6.5-6.8,the dd16 volvo had a bad rep but got a 1.5 mpg average better with a 13 355 set up...

Im not sure but i was told that the ecu for the tranny has learning capability but i havent seen it in my and the i shift is slow and sometime doesnt wanna shift till over 1700 with 10g in the box on the flats...Personally i dont like the i shift cause its a lil fussy and slow shifting,at times you evwn have to go manual and out smart the tranny ecu to stop early or late shifting..

For me i would a truck of choice glider with a pittsburge tweeked 14l detroit with all the power/economy toys kevin and his associates offer..