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Original post by: craig noftall ,


Retrofit is cats azz...Alot of guys on ram forum luv their work..some morijto(if i have it spelled correctly)projectors and 55 watt/6000k bulbs would do you all the world of good..

My 2011 volvo has cheap projectors for low beams and they suck but i have 55 watt hids in my hi beam only reflectors and lovem...

You have it made with a single bulb set up cause your ballest will always be hot so you will have instant bright....If you go hid with reflectors you will !@#$ off alot of people cause you will have bright lights all the time but all the light will be scattered everywhere rather than on the road where its needed..

Hids with reflectors !@#$ off on comming traffic cause they have a hard time seeing,im sure you have notice this on the older lil ricer cars that do that...

Good luck and keep us posted..