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Original post by: Your ,


Me and a friend of mine just ordered our 780's.

I'm going with ISX15,450hp,13speed manual,2.69 rears

6x2 with wide singles.

He,just like you,wants automated transmission.

His will be XE13 (D13,455hp,2.64 rears,6x4)and dual tires.

In this process I learned that auto transmissions are verry

restrictive when specing a truck.You can't pick and choose

rear ends,you can't pick and choose engine hp and torque

rating.Everything that involves i-shift is spec'd to run fast with

low rpm's(except xe13,only other rear ends are 3.08and3.26).

Same applies to Freightliner with DD13/D12 combination.

I added disc brakes and bose ride system to my truck and upgradded

all accesorie drives from standard(fan clutch,agm batteries,starter,

alternator,etc...).Price for my truck is$141k$,His is$135k$.

I did explore Cascadia before deciding,truck spec'd equaly to

mine was priced at$154k$(that's without bose ride system),

In 780 you get so much more bang for your buck that it was a

easy decision for me.

If you decide to go with Volvo and i-shift,you will find that xe13

is your best option,good luck.