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Original post by: Your ,


All of you have given me a lot to look into and think about. I own a Volvo 2007 780 now but it is costing me $$$ to keep it's tired and I'm tired of pouring money into it. Which I might add, amounts to a new truck payment and more sometimes. Even with all of Kevin's driving advice and tips, I still can't get over 6 miles a gallon.

I've been driving since 2000 and have experience, however I'm still limited and learning in the mechanical aspect of all this.....but God is not through with me yet! Calling Pittsburg Power is a GREAT idea. I'm doing my homework before ordering and will be checking back for more of your great ideas. Thanks everyone and "Master The Journey" as Kevin would say. Be safe out there.

Warmest Regards, Saundra (Dewdrop)